BSI Independence Day Float Celebrates Company’s Green Energy Achievements

On September 21, BSI was thrilled to once more participate in the Orange Walk Independence Day Carnival Parade! In addition to showcasing pride in agriculture and manufacturing, this year’s float highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to green energy.

The float featured information on how the mill uses leftover sugarcane fiber called bagasse to generate steam and clean electricity at the Belize Co- Generation Energy (Belcogen) plant,
which is used to power operations at the mill.

The Carbon Dioxide released by Belcogen is re-absorbed by the sugar cane plants in the fields; this creates a cycle of production and absorption of carbon dioxide by our own operations -
leading to 0% carbon footprint.

In addition to helping run operations sustainably, the energy produced at Belcogen is helping provide energy independence for Belize. The plant supplies electricity for approximately 15% to the national grid.

Thank you to all of our employees whose hard work helped
make our float and the parade both enjoyable and educational!

Posted on July 23, 2018 .