How Weather Affects Sugar Cane Production & Operations

The graph shows rainfall recorded at Tower Hill from 2015 up to January 31, 2018. As can be noted from the graph, rainfall recorded for December 2017 was 75.30 mm, 12.4 mm lower than in December 2015 and 33.3 mm lower than in December 2016. This led to favorable conditions for the start of crop on December 7th 2017. These good weather conditions prevailed during the entire month of December leading to an easier process of harvesting and delivery of
cane by farmers to the mill.



In January 2018, weather conditions were unusually very high, especially towards the end of the month with a total of 73.80 mm recorded at the Tower Hill Station. This is a large contrast in comparison to the monthly rainfall for 2015, 2016 and 2017 with 86.90 mm, 12.70 mm and 35.40 mm of recorded rainfall. These weather conditions led to increase in mud levels at the factory and the need for farmers to implement control measures to reduce the amount of mud in cane.

Paying forward with the Spirit of Giving: BSI’s Security Department Helps a Family in Need

Christmas time is all about loved ones, thankfulness, finding time for others and forgetting ourselves through the spirit of giving. At Belize Sugar Industries Ltd (BSI) , the Security Department wanted to pay forward goodness and kindness by helping a less fortunate family in the local communityof Orange Walk Town. The project idea was initially presented by Mr. Chasen Rodriguez, a Senior Security Officer, who felt motivated to help a family in need, especially during this season of the year.

The security team assessed the needy areas of the community, and came across a family consisting of a single mother and six children, one of whom has been diagnosed with down-syndrome. The lady, Ms. Brissa Gonzalez, lives in the outskirts of town in a very humble  dwelling. Due to her limited resources and motherly duty of looking after her six children, she finds it difficult to manage all her responsibilities, including the up keep of her yard. On Saturday, December 16, around 10 am, the team arrived at Ms. Brissa Gonzalez’s home. The team took donated food supplies for the family and offered mowing services to cut and clean the yard. They were received with warm greetings by Ms. Brissa and her kids, who were very appreciative of their gesture.

BSI’s security department feels proud and blessed to have carried out this very humble project
and are sure that this is the beginning of many more projects to come. The team looks forward to bringing more joy into other homes and is certain that “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Posted on July 23, 2018 .