Save Time at the Cane Yard

When the mill is grinding at its normal pace, why do cane trucks accumulate in the Cane Yard? The answer to that comes down to how best we can organize ourselves to utilize the available methods of unloading at the Tower Hill mill. Some test groups like Corozal branch, and Guinea Grass/San Roman organize themselves very well to simultaneously utilize the dumper table and the Gantry Cranes to unload their cane. Some farmers also utilize automatic dumping to unload.

When each test group organizes their trucks to unload 50% of their cane using the dumper table and 50% using the Gantry Cranes, farmers will save time in the cane yard. Time that can be invested in the husbandry activities of the cane fields and with the family. It will also contribute to a constant supply of cane to the mill allowing quality testing to occur as scheduled.    

Posted on March 4, 2014 .