PSCPA holds its second AGM and is now Fairtrade Certified!

After Crop 2015 ended, Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association workedarduously with its members to ensure that all preparations for their Fairtrade audit were on track. After the audit, the association worked on all the noncompliances and today the PSCPA is proud to announce that the association is officially Fairtrade Certified! Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association proudly held its 2nd Annual General Meeting on October 11th, 2015. The event took place at SIRDI and lasted from the morning to early afternoon with lively participation from all farmers.The members agreed on plans for the upcoming year and many prizes were raffled such as spray pumps, fertilizer, gifts certificates and even livestock. PSCPA also has an Environmental Officer/Chemist who will be working closelywith the Group Leaders in training and capacity building for farmers. PSCPA thanks everyone who helped them in in one way or another during their first year. PSCPA is now looking forward to the upcoming crop and to continue with a steady progressive growth!


Posted on June 12, 2017 .