Summary Results Report on the SIMIS Phase 1 - Cane Under Production

The Sugar Industry Research & Development Institute (SIRDI) is the custodian of The Sugar Industry Management Information System (SIMIS). SIMIS is an industry tool being developed to continuously collect information at three levels: general farmer information, information about cane parcels and information generated by the mill throughout the crop season whilesimultaneously generating industry data. The information produced by SIMIS will be grounded in science and seeks to provide support for sound, strategic decision-making at all levels within the sugar industry. SIMIS is being implemented in phases and is heavily dependent on information from the three farmer associations, SCPC, BSI and SIRDI. Yet the sustainability of SIMIS is dependent on its utilization and adoption by members of the industry collectively, at all levels. Phase 1 has been completed and following are some infographics drawn from the data collected to date.


Posted on June 12, 2017 .