Safety Awareness for Cane Truck Drivers at the Cane Yard


While truck drivers are most in tune with the safe operation on the roads and highways, the safety of cane trucks/tractor trailers and container trucks in the factory compound should not be overlooked. These vehicles are operated in areas surrounding the cane yard with pedestrians nearby. There are often many of these vehicles in operation at once. The combination of these factors can make the work environment very dangerous. Awareness is the key to the prevention of vehicular accidents and injuries in this area.

The most common hazard in the operation of these vehicles in the area of the cane yard is the danger of collision with other vehicles or workers on foot. A driver must be highly aware of the presence of workers on foot at all times and they must also be aware of other vehicles moving around.

Some specific safety guidelines to help minimize the risk of accident or injury are:

  • Head and tail lights and emergency flashers should be in working condition at all times so that you are visible to other workers at all times.
  • Obey all posted speed limits.
  • Never operate the vehicle above the posted speed limit. Be prepared to slow to a stop if necessary.
  • Pay attention at all times.
  • Respect yield signs.

Coupling and uncoupling are skills basic to tractor/trailer operations. The consequences
of improper coupling can result in driver injury and damage to equipment. Be careful and
take your time to safely complete the process.
Truck drivers need to be properly attired. A reflective vest and proper foot wear is

Posted on June 12, 2017 .